Comedy series "Washed Up" picked up by Lionsgate TV.

What happens the day after you break up with one of the most famous women in the world?

Ask Jason Trawick, the former William Morris Endeavor agent, whose highly publicized engagement to Britney Spears was recently called off.

Based loosely on Jason's life post breakup, "WASHED UP" is a scripted comedy series that follows Jason as he tries to put his career back together as a talent agent. Unfortunately for him, no one wants to touch Jason after the Britney fall out so he goes "Jerry Maguire" and starts his own fledgling company, representing D-list actors who need a comeback almost as much as him. To make matters worse, he has to do it while broke and stuck living with his old best friend's strait-laced family.

The show is a kind of anti-"Entourage" -- instead of celebrating the worst of Hollywood faux celebrity, the show follows real actors playing fictionalized versions of their lives as they try to keep working after their star has faded. These guys can still bring it, but no one will give them the time of day. Of course, JT is going to change that.

Check back for a sneak peak of the pilot in May.