Interactive TV show "Vs." gives you the chance to be the hero or the villain.

VS. is s a revolutionary, immersive series that blends traditional cinema and interactive gaming in a way we’ve never seen before. You won’t just watch this show, you’ll live it. You get to experience the story through the eyes of the main character. But here’s the wrinkle. In Vs., you get to CHOOSE between being the hero and the villain. You get to experience what it’s like to be evil.

You’ll plot to destroy mankind… and to save them.

You’ll kill anyone who stands in your way… and fall in love.

And similar to the way video games use cut scenes, you will be able to toggle between a first person POV, a third person 360 degree experience, and a rectangle view for traditional coverage, PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL of how you view the story.

You’ve never seen a series like this. But you’re going to wonder why you haven’t.

Here’s the logline:

Your name is Hunter King, and you have a secret. You used to be a cold-blooded killer who took part in a clandestine super soldier program. Now your life is falling apart: You have a dead end job, your wife wants a divorce, and the dangerous psychopath you put in prison just escaped and is hell bent on revenge. Inspired by video games like Halo and Call of Duty, VS. is a revolutionary television show that uses virtual reality to put you in the POV of the main characters. You are the hero. You are the villain. But the line between them is closer than you might think.